Hashemi is no longer we have only two options only two either Iraq and al-Maliki either

On: Wednesday 30/5/2012 1:12

Baghdad / WAP / Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, said: "we have no longer the only two options are either to Aiii Iraq and Nouri al-Maliki either."
He called in a statement received by the agency reported Baghdad International / WAP / copy of it on Wednesday "to make a choice, and to consolidate in this historical moment as much as the conviction that Iraq can not be reduced depends on the person or whoever he is."

He said: "We have a long wait for Iraqis to change and hope in God great and then leaders of the five and national figures who are eager to them the hearts of Iraqis and is looking forward to them a low profile in support of the Iraq-Aziz, and it is hoped that joining them the rest of the leaders of the National Alliance and put an end to the frequency which is not unjustified."

He added: "The country needs them and to their efforts and must take urgent, Nuri al-Maliki has given us the opportunity not we give to one before, and failed, and that was enough."

He continued: "I say with the utmost frankness and clarity, and I repeat Tomb brother Massoud Barzani, president of the region that the survival of this government and enduring loss of Iraq, and after that Maliki's refusal to respect its obligations after a grant opportunity for review is no longer we have only two options for Aiii them either Iraq and either Nuri al-Maliki, and leaders to choose, and to consolidate in this historical moment as much as the conviction that Iraq can not be reduced depends on the person or whoever he is. "

He expressed confidence in "The leaders no matter how important considerations and pressures will not choose to have proliferated only Iraq, and in this success and claimed their payments."

He announced Hashemi he would return to Iraq, and said: "I will return to you soon to share with worry and grief and share your correction put deranged, and I know Bahwalkm, and I know what that does to you and addressing you the book of God and tell you and Athnoa and Athznoa and you also incline if you are believers."

He added: "My heart wrenching pain and heartbreak for all it is Iraq under the current government policy, have fallen mulberry paper and pant disadvantages of the system oppressive and unfairly and arbitrarily after seeing the world and the nature of the corresponding sad and painful to the conditions of detention suffered by the accused Iraqi and watched by everyone from the screens satellite channels and the related issue of the Baghdad Provincial Council member Laith al-Dulaimi, who launched the coup de grace to the judiciary will Saket looted. "

He continued: "This confirms once again lied to the government when she was denied each time the health of international reports on human rights in Iraq on the one hand and the accuracy of the above that Krrnah On several occasions the other hand about the politicization of the judiciary and the absence of justice and the prevalence of torture and fabrication charges and fabricated events, suggesting underestimated human rights and international standards for conditions of detention, but that these practices constitute a blatant challenge and an insult to the Constitution by the Government of President falsely claims that the Constitution takes care of him and he practices security apparatus innocent. "

He believed: "This is the suffering of the thousands of detainees and single out their members to protect me and my staff, and because of this type of torture he spent many of the detainees, including the martyr Amer Batawi and Martyr of Maysan Adnan Plasm, either the cause of death for both of them and according to a novel security services was one ( renal failure). "

And: "If the Prime Minister was unaware of the practices did not authorize it if he must pending Ibraa to distance himself and his security for the judiciary to be free and release the suspects immediately and close all the issues spiteful, including the issue of allergic and individuals protect me for being subjected to the same, but the most revealing practices, inhuman, and instead of chasing the government of innocent people and pursued relentlessly by the GOES to rid the Iraqi people from terrorists, corrupt employees of the security services, who went on in the land of corruption and underestimated the dignity of the Iraqi citizen likes a certain Brigadier Riaz Abdul Amir notorious who was expelled from Syria a few years ago because of behavior immoral and Ali Bahadli known Ptadyate the symptoms of the detainees, are some of the reliable-Maliki in the investigation, torture and stick the charges innocent oversight, these along with some judges Alnfiean corrupt who reneged on their faith and Hnthoa Baksmanm, they will not escape never of justice a long time Umm Qasr, as did not escape from their predecessors, and they had to remember and consider, but they themselves Rtoa and under display transient temptations. "

Hashemi has accused the semi-official al-Iraqiya, loyalty to the owners, said: "We have special guest appearance channel al-Maliki (Iraqi) funded from the public treasury to convey to us that the human al-Maliki ordered the investigation to re-issue of Laith al-Dulaimi." / As he put it /.

He asked, "which is supposed Enbgaan ordered re-investigation, eliminating al-Maliki or where the Chief Justice and his spokesman, either from the word and why this suspicious silence."

He added: "What is the point of re-investigation and the detainee is still in the hands of criminals, then permission to view confessions fabricated Although the law does not allow, and if what happened is a violation of the law if why Aarf prosecution case against Maliki or he has the immunity of Article 93 of the Constitution, which deprived them without justification or excuse, then what was intended to offer false confessions was it intended to ignite sectarian strife that can not live only in its airspace? questions I pose on the Iraqi people for meditation and reflection. "

He continued, "revealed hidden before the eyes of everyone but the question is, will move the judiciary and the prosecution exclusively this time or he will ignore it as discreetly ignore the many crimes for political reasons because of the involvement of affiliated power in it."

He said: "What did the judiciary murder under torture, where he spent the martyr Batawi and martyr Maysan Adnan Plasm, nothing, what he did in the reports submitted by the Parliamentary Committee and confirmed exposure Hamaiati tortured for nothing, ask you heard about that Mrchi great in power made to eliminate, is presented Security officials who facilitated the escape of terrorists from prison in Basra and al-Rusafa prison to justice, the answer is both in the pot a lot and if you wonder no longer. "

He added: "The history is repeating the production of the same but in a way the worst, when he returned the citizen innocent fear of authority on his life and honor and property, and became a power above the Constitution and law, accept it is the citizen is immune, safe comfortable, and get angry it is the supplements and the accused, which is driven by impulses culture sectarian obnoxious on the one hand, and the desire to create crises and ignite sedition and live on the contradictions of the other hand, a Mataba behavior of the current government since 2006, and Elakev interpret and country living a real crisis that is continuing repression and persecution affects specific regions and provinces of specific and deprived the Iraqi citizen has the right to live free and dignified, How do we explain that the Ministry of Justice, the confiscation of houses of God and remove them by force and by force brute depending on the unjust law is controversial proceeded in the absence of consensus, why now after waiting for seven years at a time when everyone is waiting way to deal with a crisis not seen Iraq has ever seen, is required to ignite sectarian strife and coloring crisis sectarian and convert it from a political to the religious? This Maysay Maliki himself, but this time it will not work because the Iraqis have experienced his approach will not succeed, such efforts certainly malicious, because God Almighty does not fit the work of mischief. "

He continued: "The continuation of this situation is not only a major embarrassment for the Iraqis before the international community but also a threat to them threatens their present and future and is therefore the responsibility of everyone in the development of the end of the urgent and favorable opportunity for change and should not to fail this time." /