5-29-2012 Eleanor: This just in from Phoenix on his facebook page - Erbil Crisis Resolved!! Looks as if the Erbil Crisis is resolved! The apparent sticking point all the while appears to be the lack of defined boarders for the division of Kirkuk according to Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution. The reason Maliki had refused to implement the Erbil agreement was because of the lack of defined boarders for Kirkuk. Now that Talibani and Barzini have signed off in agreement on the exact defined boarders the Erbil agreement can now be implemented. It is now becoming evident exactly what has been going on behind the closed doors of the meetings. Maliki refused to implement the agreement due to the lack of defined boarders for Kirkuk and because of Maliki's refusal to blindly sign the document they were going to try to remove him from office. We now see that Maliki would only sign and implement the Erbil agreement with defined boarders on Kirkuk.