Mayahi: we will call to dissolve parliament and hold early elections if the political blocs insisted on its approach to escalation

29.05.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
, Leader of the Iraqi bloc white Aziz Sharif Mayahi that the Iraqi white will be prompted to dissolve parliament and hold early elections in case insisted the political blocs to approach escalation. said Mayahi in a press statement on Tuesday: "The Iraqi white certain attempts and agendas Foreign trying some quarters calculated on the political process that carried political reality to it in addition to the failed attempts to aggravate the political and security situation. " stressed Mayahi: "The Iraqi white will not stand by and watch her ​​view, phishers are trying to disrupt the experience of Iraq democracy and will stand face any attempts to pull the political process through which the current chosen by the Iraqi people to the path of no-one knows but God. " He added: "It wants the best for Iraq and seeks to serve the citizens, he first abide by the constitution and that makes the national dialogue and political logic, and put the national interest to partisan interests and personal allowance approach escalation and failed attempts and repeated to drag the political process to the path of danger may lead to topple Iraq's easy prey for Mtshehadan experience of the young democracy in it. " He continued: "The who thinks he can withdraw confidence from the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to gain partisan or personality is a person and the most important because Maliki is the candidate of the Iraqi people and not the candidate of a political bloc and can replace Maliki is the people just in case insisted the remaining blocks of no confidence, the only decision is to return to the people and to say in this matter and Sndawa on time and went on to dissolve the parliament and early elections. " Information Office of the Deputy Sheriff Aziz Mayahi

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