Zainab al-Tai: the Sadrist movement is still awaiting a response from the National Alliance ..And state law moving toward one-party dictatorship
Date: Monday 05/28/2012 12:34

Baghdad (news) .. A member of the Liberal block of the Sadrist MP / National Alliance / Zainab al-Tai, the deadline to replace Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is over, and that the meeting in Erbil and Najaf are still awaiting a response by the National Alliance.
Tai said in a statement (of the Agency news) said on Monday: that the Sadrist movement is an essential part of the National Alliance, a coalition is keen to stay coherent.

Confirmed: that the current-Sadr rejects the emergence of dictatorship, and this was rejected by the Sadrist movement and its leader, Muqtada al-Sadr.

And accused the MP for the National: a coalition of state law to delinquency and the one-party dictatorship and one-person, and this should not be in the new Iraq, the fact that all ethnic determined not to return again dictatorship.