Hamid al-Mutlaq: there are blocks to weaken the government and the convictions of the need to create a separation
Date: Monday 05/28/2012 12:31

Baghdad (news) .. Warned the MP / coalition in Iraq / Hamid al-Mutlaq, the existence of a political bloc described as working to exploit the current situation to pass the external schema goal tearing the unity of Iraq.
Mutlaq said (of the Agency news) on Monday said that some of the political blocs working to pass the agendas and plans of Foreign Affairs is seeking various ways to weaken the government and destabilize the security situation all the way to create some convictions when the need for separation.

He added: If successful, the planned there will be a real crisis is difficult for the Iraqis resolved or even addressed, noting that the state when they are weak, the neighbors interfere with their affairs, and when there is an entrenched Iranian Iraqi There will be entrenched Saudi Iraqi and be entrenched Qatari Saudi and other neighboring countries and the loser Iraq is larger in this case.

He explained: that these methods are open to everyone through the creation of successive crises and the situation demands prohibitive and support for terrorist groups to create a kind of no confidence by the people in the political process in order to achieve foreign agendas driven by the price of the parties believes that the success of the democratic experiment in Iraq is a danger to it.

He stressed: the importance of unity of word and stay away from sectarian retrenchment, to frustrate every evil scheme he wants in Iraq.