Parliamentary committee: Activating the tariff amid the absence of legal protection of the producer and consumer risk on the Iraqi economy.
26/05/2012 02:33
BAGHDAD / center news for the Iraqi Media Network - The Economic Commission representative, on Friday, that the reactivation of tariff law the end of next month amid the absence of legal protection of the product and the consumer will have a Tbaat dangerous for the Iraqi economy in the time pointing out that the proportion of the tariff can not exceed 20% said committee member Nahida Daini's (Center news for the Iraqi Media Network) that "the tariff law should see the light in order that there will be revenues of the country but there must be laws by the state to protect the product and consumer protection." explained Dani, "The application of tariff Customs will cause an economic crisis at the present time, especially in the case of the economic situation and the situation of inflation and high poverty rate in Iraq because of the launch of pensions and not to amend the salaries of the state. " and added that "there has to be controlled by the government and the rate of customs duty from 15 to 20 percent of the goods is not more. " She Daini that "the application of tariff law must be preceded by approval of a legal product protection and consumer protection the old laws, but it needs to activate and apply the tariff law like this would cause an economic crisis , the Ministry of Finance has decided last March the initiation of the application of tariff end of June next after the futures last year to more than once because of the demand by some countries and traders. and activate the tariff law the new is to cancel the old law issue by the civil governor of Iraq after 2003, Paul Bremer, which provides for the payment of 5% tax on All goods imported from outside the country