Iraq vows to pay $ 350 million to Iran and recent resume the export of electricity


Since 17/02/2017 12:02 am (Baghdad time)

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Iranian Energy Minister Assistant in electricity affairs Houshang Flaanaan announced the signing of a new agreement to export electricity to Iraq during the current year, as Iraq has pledged to pay part of the dues amounting to one billion and 200 million dollars in this regard.

Said Houshang Flaanaan, he told Fars news agency, that the negotiations between the two sides on the resumption of the export of electricity to Iraq and the payment of entitlements, yielded good results following the visit of the Iraqi delegation to Iran.

He added that the export of electricity to Iraq agreement has been extended to 2017, where negotiations resulted from the Iraqi side promised to pay off the side of the entitlements ($ 350 million) to resume the export of electricity has hit an important part of them.

The Iranian electricity exports to Iraq have been stalled due to the expiration of the previous agreement and the non-payment of debts to Iraq this Alhon.anthy 29 / D 24