Thursday, May 17 / May 2012 22:17
{Baghdad} Euphrates News Office of the President issued late Thursday, a statement which he called for political blocs to stop media campaigns and the adoption of the Constitution as a reference for invoking them, and abide by the agreements made on the basis of which the Government of the current partnership
The statement reads as follows:
Obligation to perform his constitutional duties Keen to the unity of Iraq and in order to collect the floor and consolidate security and stability and provide the best conditions for the advancement of the economy and boost development, made by President Jalal Talabani, during a recent intensive efforts and held numerous meetings with senior leaders and officials of the country and the parliamentary blocs and political parties. President Talabani called on all parties to make the interests of the country and its citizens above any interest or other consideration.
In light of these consultations, invite the President of the Republic to:
1. Mutual cessation media campaigns and non-convulsive rhetoric and adopt constructive dialogue aimed at finding and promoting the participants and not to expand and deepen the differences.
2. Adoption of the Constitution invoked as a reference to it and respect its provisions and a commitment to the agreements made on the basis of which the Government of the current partnership agreement, including Arbil in 2010.
3. Commitment and adherence to the basic principle upon which the current government, a principle of true partnership in the management of power and responsibility.
4. Ensuring the independence of the electoral system as a cornerstone of democracy, and provide all the supplies to ensure an election free and fair elections for provincial councils in 2013 and the House of Representatives in 2014.
5. The referral of cases for determining the service cycles of senior officials in the state to the House of Representatives to consider the proposals on them within the framework of the Constitution.
6. Adhere to the principle of fixed separation of powers and the maintenance of independence of the judiciary and speed up the ratification of the Federal Court.
7. Support and strengthen all the institutions that ensure the independence of the development of democracy.
8. Complete the implementation of the commitments set forth in the Constitution and laws, approval of key legislation such as the necessary oil and gas law. Ended