House of Representatives approved 20 laws in the second Tharieith for sending 600 of its members

Thursday, May 17 / May 2012 10:16

Twilight News / seems to be push and pull the syndrome of the political process has been overshadowed by the work of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, which made ​​him seem to some a parliament unable to get out an important and influential pieces of legislation on the Iraqi street.

If we compare the Iraqi parliament with large concessions obtained by its members from the budgets of the state, Fsnntha that the Iraqi Council of Representatives ended the second legislative term to initiate laws without urgent and deferred from the previous parliamentary session.

The Chamber of Deputies passed 20 laws only during the legislative term, such as the registration and approval of pesticides, and the law on ratification of the basis for the Arab Environment Facility, and the law against smoking, while the event was more important during the legislative term of the last approval of the state budget and approval of the law and the Ministry of Construction and Housing controversial between the government and House of Representatives with the law combating trafficking in human beings.

The achievement of the vote on the most prominent members of the accountability and justice, which is expected to be headed by a leader of the Sadrist member of parliament and former farmer Chanchal, and postponed the ratification of the political parties, elections and laws relating to oil and gas law.

And entered parliament in recess, which will be for one month after his presidency has decided to shrink, a previously scheduled two months in order to approve some important draft laws.

And form 100 for the House of Representatives Committee on the most prominent of the Commission of Inquiry phantom electricity contracts that led to the dismissal of the former electricity minister Raad waterfall.

According to the source of parliamentary "Twilight News", on condition of anonymity, the Parliament sent a nearly 600 of its members, and lacked transparency in disclosure of the names of absentees, as it prevented the Presidency of the Council of Representatives of publishing the names of the virtual absence, and beat it promises to fine deputies, despite that the number is more than a hundred member in each session.

According to observers, the House of Representatives goes on without a plan enhance the legislative and supervisory role according to the Iraqi constitution.

House of Representatives and to hold its next meeting on the fourteenth of next month, he will have spent half of the constitutional period of years old and began a new legislative term.

Engage the Iraqi Council of Representatives the same during the past two years the majority of legally canceled 86 of the laws of the Revolution Command Council dissolved, although these laws should have been canceled in the rule by simply changing the former regime.

Complain that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki several occasions, the reluctance of the House of Representatives and to try to block the government work and the provision of services, through the inclusion of the political problems in the process of passing laws and regulations that you need government.

And that it is one of the important motivations that led to his call for a freeze on the Constitution.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives has opened its second session 2010-2014 the first held in 14/6/2010 under the chairmanship of the oldest member, Fuad Masum.

It is interesting to consider that the House of Representatives does not have a no-confidence from those who questioned the reasons for and circumstances of a political mystery.

And the performance of the House of Representatives humble was not a surprise for the Iraqis or observers, a predictable consequence of the deputies were chosen many of them on the basis of sectarian and partisan and not on the basis of electoral programs, and many of them did not get the votes needed to fill the parliamentary seat, but the voices of leaders of the bloc went to them.

And often occur interactions between the executive and legislative branches, as the government accuses the Parliament to interfere in his work, and spoke ministers and executives more than once for the attempt by some Representatives extortion for the purpose of implementation of projects and access to contracts, or to stop the investigation into deals corruption business; because the members of the Council have a stake in .

According to Article 57 of the Iraqi constitution, the right of the legislative authority of the House to enjoy a holiday-running 60 days after each four months of working hours, but the presidency of the Council decided on the eighth of the month of May this be the official holiday of the legislative session of the Second Council one month only.