Secret agreements are "threatening tool" and should be disclosed to public, says Islamic council leader

17/05/2012 16:23

ERBIL, May 17 (AKnews) - The leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) Ammar al-Hakim said today that the collection of secret agreements signed by the political forces is a "threatening tool", adding that the agreements should be disclosed to the public.

On Tuesday the Kurdistan Region attacked Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki because of his criticism of Kurdish leaders. The Kurdish officials hinted about disclosing confidential documents signed with the PM and said that the region will "expose" his policies followed in the management of his government.

Hakim said in a speech broadcast on his Euphrates television channel: "When will the politicians [tell] the media the same things they talk [about] behind closed doors?"

The Kurdish threat for Maliki came after he said in an interview with N​RT Kurdish TV that he now feels that Iraq "has become part of the Kurdistan Region" and not vice-versa. The PM added that on many occasions he has heard "the drums of war knocking from the Kurdistan Region".

Recently the Kurdistan Region's President Masoud Barzani said that he informed Washington DC during his visit there last month that Kurds refuse to deliver Iraq F-16 fighter jets to Iraq as long as Maliki is in power.

Maliki said on May 7 in an interview with Iraqi state television that his government does not intend to target the Kurdistan Region. He said he is against war and supports dialogue.

The relationship between Maliki and Kurdish leaders has been tense since the formation of the PM's government two years ago. Erbil accuses him of exclusivity and dictatorship.

By Ammar al-Hakim