Iraqi judiciary prosecuted more than 500 fugitive out of the country

By Roudao two hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

Revealed the Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq ( the highest judicial authority), on Wednesday, the prosecution of more than 500 accused of various crimes have fled outside the country, and the arrest of more than 100 specialized groups of smuggling and forgery of currency effects during the year 2016.

In a joint press conference of the judges of the Supreme Judicial Council in Baghdad today, the judge said, "Achieving Integrity," a court in the capital, Mohammed Salman, said that the "integrity court in Baghdad just followed 505 Related Files retrieves accused of various crimes exist outside Iraq over the past year."

Salman did not mention, who is also a member of the Supreme Council of the Magistracy, the nature of the charges against them or the identity of any of them or the total of the defendants sentenced by other courts unlike his court and are still out of the country.

For his part, he said, money laundering and economic crime a judge and a member of the council, Ayad Muhsen, at the same conference that he "has been arrested 65 gang specialized trafficking antiquities, and 51 other gang specialized counterfeiting of local and foreign currency have been referred to special courts to impunity."

In turn, the head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud, during the conference, "it was the release of seven thousand and 186 imprisoned during the last nine months of between eight thousand and 976 files related to prisoners presented to the House judiciary committees during 2016".

Al-Mahmoud said that "the central problem of judicial committees of the Supreme Judicial Council included seven thousand and 186 people a general amnesty, it is natural that not all the abandoned prison inmates because not all the crimes covered by the amnesty."

Since more than a year, Iraqis organize demonstrations in the capital Baghdad and the southern provinces, demanding the submission of the corrupt to justice and the prosecution of officials accused of squandering public money and fleeing out of the country.

The Integrity Commission (official) had announced in March / March of last year for the issuance of an arrest warrant against 18 ministers notes and more than 2,700 official in the state on corruption charges during the year 2015.

Over the past years, the Iraqi judiciary issued a different judicial sentences against senior officials in successive governments in Iraq after 2003, including ministers and leaders and executives, but so far Iraqi authorities have not been able to bring them back from the countries where they are.