E-commerce flourish in Iraq, despite the failure of the banking sector

04/01/2017 (00:01 pm)

Baghdad / peace Zidane

Trade has seen through websites widen markedly in Iraq in recent years. Besides the establishment of specialized sites for the sale of goods, he started a lot of shopkeepers promote their goods across social networking sites.

And it confirms the experts in marketing and trade through the electronic network that the sector awaits " a prosperous future."

The face of Iraqi companies, which offers its goods via the Internet, many challenges, most notably the lack of credit card users among Iraqis, due to the weakness of the banking sector.

These challenges have caused the exposure of many citizens to the fraud through "front companies". Some companies have problems with customers who refuse to extradite their goods also suffer.

He says Shahan Omar Mustafa, Managing Director of the company (Chavasat the TDI), in a statement to the "long" The "electronic commerce in Iraq 's fledgling and that our company has created Web sites to display the goods and sold them: the Iraqi market, and daughters of Iraq, and Chavast shop for the sale of materials beauty supplies women, "adding that" the demands of customers for the purchase of goods amounted to 55 000 demand and sales during the past two years and reached 1.5 million dollars. "

Mustafa added that "international companies presented their goods across our sites on the Internet and we have to deliver goods to all parts of Iraq , the company the more the item price less the price of delivery , " explaining that " the company currently has 900 employees across the country are promoting electronic items via social networking , including sites Facebook and Alanstgram. "

Owner of the company and that "some customers are asking goods through the website and when it is connected to the specified location refuse to answer our contacts This is a loss , " noting that " the items in our advantage to quality and we import from international companies at affordable prices , especially that there are some Altkhvziat place for customers" .

Mustafa pointed out that " the payment is through well - known financial firms by Visa Card, MasterCard, PayPal and others in addition to the payment after the item connected to customers who do not use electronic payment."

The randomized controlled electronic commerce in the country, and that any person display of goods across social networking sites and other Internet sites can without an organized hand.

On the other hand , said Mohammad Karim, the owner of a web page for the sale of household electrical purposes on Facebook "long", said that "Facebook has become a trading post for me, as a result of the supply of goods in our store and purchase orders increasing every day."

Karim added that " the customer a wide choice in e - commerce because it is familiar with all the goods displayed on our page on Facebook and buy the appropriate item in accordance with the financial ability , " explaining that "electronic commerce to avoid the problems that arise in the country and especially the bombings that hit the markets."

And oversees the company (portfolio of Iraq) on the service (Zain Cash) launched by Zain Iraq Telecommunications Company in collaboration with the Central Bank , which allows the use of electronic payment for the purchase of goods offered on websites mechanism in addition to the purchase of mobile phones applications.

In the meantime, he said Yazan al - Tamimi, General Manager of Iraq 's portfolio, that " the volume of electronic commerce in the Arab Gulf states are expected to reach $ 40 billion in early 2020, due to the number of the population of Iraq and possess large consumer segment , this heralds a bright future for e-commerce in Iraq ".

Tamimi said that " the first electronic payment means in Iraq (Zain Cash) will contribute to the expansion of e - commerce areas and will have a similar effect to the effect of (Paypal) on e - commerce in the United States or the impact of credit cards on the global economy."

He explained General Manager (portfolio of Iraq) that "electronic payment will enable users to deposit the electronic money into their mobile phones, and transfer of funds to and from all of Iraq 's provinces, in addition to the withdrawal and deposit money from the thousands of accredited centers, and buy electronic goods and products via the Internet."

But economist Abdul Rahman al - Mashhadani confirmed that Iraq lacks the integrated e-commerce due to the weakness of the banking system.

Mashhadani said in a statement to the "long", said that "Iraq lacks an integrated e-commerce due to the weakness of the banking system and what is happening now is the process of display item in the Web sites and social networking sites , while the process of paying the money be manually rather than electronically."

Mashhadani confirmed that "fraud operations in Iraq , e - commerce rarely occur because the customer will not pay the money only after seeing the item , " noting that " the delivery service is considered very cheap , especially in the capital Baghdad."

He said economic expert that " the regulation of e - commerce operation needs time and after the activation of the banking system and the use of Iraqis for credit cards Kalveza Card and MasterCard , " explaining that " the establishment of specialized sites e - commerce is a good step because the number of Internet users in the country is growing daily."