The central bank provides the Finance Committee moves the currency switch


BAGHDAD / JD / .. urged the Parliamentary Finance Committee of the Central Bank to coordinate monetary policy with fiscal policy of the government to increase the mass of cash and how to preserve them, as discussed switching the currency and small categories and sizes. A member of the Committee and the National Alliance MP for Haitham al-Jubouri / JD / "The parliamentary Finance discussed with the Central Bank to increase its mass cash and that are maintained through cooperation with the government because of their fiscal policy to support the bank properly." The Jubouri "said the central bank provided the Finance Committee moves the currency and switch categories and sizes, small ones in addition to other details."And between Jubouri "The Committee asked the Bank to disclose detailed foreign exchange banks and sold them and how these funds were distributed properly or you were just some of the characters." He noted a member of the Finance Committee and the parliamentary deputy for the National Alliance that talks with the Central Bank addressed the questions directed to him on the steps Atabha to combat money laundering. "