Saadi: We can not stand idly by in front of Maliki's call for a freeze on the Constitution

On: Friday 5/11/2012 6:16

Baghdad / range
counting the independent MP Sabah al-Saadi said on Thursday, Prime Minister's call to freeze the work of the Constitution attempted military coup on the three authorities as well as try my arms his political opponents, calling the religious authorities in Najaf, a statement of its position on this, which he described as dangerous.

Saadi told a news conference held inside the parliament and attended by "long", that "the Iraqi constitution represents the throes of the sacrifices made ​​by the Iraqi people and represents the legitimacy of the state and the President of the Republic, ministers, parliament and the judiciary and the regions and governorates that are all based on the Constitution, noting that Maliki's call for a freeze on the Constitution is to invite serious We can not stand idly by direction. "
He pointed out that the Iraqi constitution did not provide in its articles to allow any party was to freeze the constitution, said Saadi "All democratic regimes one case, immobilized by the Constitution or repealed is only in the case of the military coup and the coup against the legislative, executive and judiciary. "
said the independent MP, said work to freeze the work of the Constitution can not be achieved even if I met all the political parties, but in the event of the matter to a referendum which is the rule that freezes the constitution or amended by viewing through referendum of the Iraqi people, describing the call broke the arms of his political opponents. "
and called for Saadi Parliament to convene an emergency session to discuss such a serious implications threaten the Iraqi people, adding that "the Prime Minister spoke about" the intentions of others. "This strange logic since there is no one knows the intentions, but It seems that this intention is, "he said.
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki warned of the push to "freeze" the Iraqi Constitution in light of political differences, stressing that the limbs political trying to bind the other to abide by the Constitution and evade is about the Constitution.
Maliki said in an interview conducted by Channel Iraq's semi-official "Some partners are pushing for a freeze Constitution by forcing a party to work it as they do not adhere to it," noting that he is probably the only work of the Constitution "is now invited to many times and we told them to come sit down and have your comments and stripes on the federal government and we offer our observations and Ashkalna on you and put the Constitution of an us, but they do not want that. "