Kurdistan: Attack glorious proof of the failure of Maliki's coalition in the state administration
On: Tuesday 8/5/2012 8:26

Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi
response of the Kurdistan Alliance to comments by MP for the coalition of state law Yassin Majeed for accusing the President of the Kurdistan region when he called the dictatorship, and an MP from Kurdistan Alliance Farhad Atrushi "Democracy is the one that brought Massoud Barzani to the presidency of the Kurdistan region," referring to that this attack was evidence of their failure.

He Kurdistan, the weight of the Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, the international, regional and the success of his recent visits "Oamaa insight," a coalition of state law and "Avkdah balance," while the description of accused Barzani dictatorship to "political and retaliatory," noting that it intended to dismiss the success of the Erbil the latter.
The response of the Kurds against the backdrop of statements to the glorious he said that the "dictatorship", which began to grow in Kurdistan is the real danger of the democracy of the Kurds.
This is not the first time that the exchange in which members of the coalition of al-Maliki and the Kurdistan accusations and criticisms, and already glorious accused the Kurds of smuggling oil, But Erbil considered his undisciplined.
said a senior lawmaker of the Kurdistan Alliance Farhad Atrushi in a statement to the correspondent term in the House yesterday, "The Letters Yasin Majid," lost her balance political, "pointing out that democracy is the one that brought Massoud Barzani to the presidency of the region.
was elected Barzani, president the Kurdistan region of Iraq in the 2009 elections and won about 70 percent of the vote.
He Atrushi that "this attack proof of the failure of Maliki's coalition in the management of the Iraqi state, especially subject services in the forefront of the electricity issue."
and compare Atrushi between processing power in the region and processing in the rest of Iraq, noting that "the electricity in the region are available on a 24-hour In the rest of the provinces do not need to remember."
and enable the Kurdistan region of control over the electricity crisis greatly as provide its population by around 22 hours a day in summer, while the rest cities of Iraq are a large and up hours cut to more than 16 hours a day, and arrived in pieces last summer to 20 hours a day.
criticized Atrushi, Yassin in his attempt to "split the Kurdish", describing the position of President Jalal Talabani as "compatible with the position of Barzani in terms of attending the meeting Quintet "in Arbil.
He stressed that "the charges against the Kurdistan Alliance that he does not want to hold the conference are baseless," and accused the coalition of state law by seeking "to derail the conference."
In response to the accusation Yassin Majeed that returns port Abraham did not know about something , denied Atrushi acquisition of territory on such proceeds, "he" returned to the treasury the central, "calling" of questions about it to question the Minister of Finance, "Rafie al-Issawi.
comments come Atrushi after that the response of a coalition of state law violently on the accusations by the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, to the President Minister Nuri al-Maliki dictatorship that people know who is the dictator.
The MP said the state law Yassin Majeed yesterday at a news conference attended by the correspondent term in the House of Representatives that Massoud Barzani ruled the province for 20 years who is president of the ruling party and Commander in Chief of the Peshmerga forces and his son served as intelligence chief and his nephew, the head of government and five of his family are members of the political bureau of the Democratic Party. "
and considered a glorious continuation of Barzani in the attack on al-Maliki "an attempt to cover up the smuggling of oil to the whales in the region and the theft of the money coming from the imposition of fees and customs over port Abraham and have not handed over to the government central, "he said.
Majid said that "the dictatorship in the Kurdistan region is growing and this we feel the danger to democracy experienced by the Kurdish people," adding that Barzani "will continue in the attack on Baghdad until the elections in the province of Kurdistan."
he continued, glorious: "He wants Barzani give the Kurds a signal that they have an enemy in Baghdad, in order to make them think that the only person who protects the Kurdish people, "
For his part, said Alliance MP Mahma Khalil said in a statement issued yesterday, and received the long version of it, that "the accusations made ​​by a Congress coalition of state law against Barzani dictatorship and to cling to power are the statements false and far from reality, "adding that" envy and jealousy of personal Barzani and the successes achieved by the Iraqi people in general and the Kurds private saving Iraq from the grave crises and fight the dictatorship, and his nomination for an award of world peace and the weight of international, regional and success of the visit of Foreign Affairs has blinded the vision for vision and arbitration of conscience around and made ​​them lose their balance and wisdom of the political. "
Khalil added that "these statements void a backlash after the pressure on their fractious within the National Alliance and a desperate attempt to divert attention from the success of the Erbil of the leaders of political blocs that came out by big about solutions to the crises of the list . "
and saw Khalil, it is also "an attempt by the government in Baghdad to create a new crisis and avoid the implementation of appropriate solutions," pointing out that "this confirms the lack of seriousness of a coalition of state law and the lack of desire to reach an end to this crisis."
Khalil added that "it was better for those House of Representatives to stop the government's attempts to control the independent bodies, including the Electoral Commission and the Central Bank, and forcing it not to monopolize power and move away from dictatorship and the implementation of the promises and agreements, particularly the agreement Erbil which formalized the government, not a coup, and repudiated. "
Khalil said that "the Territory has handled a peaceful of power by changing the prime minister and the representation of all segments of Kurdish nationalism in the parliament, in addition to the media and freedom of expression and delivery of services to the Kurdish people that failed to submit the Baghdad government. "