Damluji: Maliki's call for an Iraqi to attend a national meeting "desperate attempts"

Described as a spokesman for the coalition in Iraq Maysoon al invitation of Prime Minister Nuri al-
Maliki / the Iraqi / to attend the national meeting as miserable attempts in the last minute.
She said in a press statement today: "The / Iraq / earlier announced its position on the national meeting and that Maliki's call her to come just attempts miserable at the last minute because it will not stick to any agreement entered into, as happened in Tanslh on the application as stated in the agreement of Arbil. " She Damluji "The next step in the event of non-implementation of the memorandum signed in Arbil meeting recently by al-Sadr and Allawi and Barzani and Najafi al-Maliki by during the fifteen days, will go to the National Alliance to replace any person of his choice. " / 3