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    New Currency

    I have always felt this investment of ours would one day come to fruition and no matter what happened, positive or negative, I still felt it was just a matter of time.

    This Friday, I received a call from a friend who has had a private banker for a while now. Just the other day, the banker told my friend that another client of his, someone with about 50,000,000 dinar shared a rumor with him that he heard. He said that the dinar that we hold was going to completely replaced with a totally new currency and that the currency we hold was going to be worthless.

    Needless to say, my belief in the dinar I hold is now shaky. Has anyone heard the same rumor and has it been dispelled by a reliable source?

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    the reason for no reply is because this is a very old and beat to death argument . the answer is quite simple YES. our "old" currency will be retired and the new currency will come become the new and only medium. Much like our own $10,000 bill, no one will take it as circulated currency but it still has value. you will be able to exchange your "old" currency to either "new" currency or dollar equivalent. no one answers these ?'s because the barrage of same old questions follow "will i only get 25 dinar for my 25k dinar note?" etc etc etc........ 25K dinar note represent 25,000 individual dinars which will be entirely to much money on one single note.

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