Minister of Foreign Affairs signed in Brussels next Friday a strategic agreement with the European Union
05 May, 2012 09:4

And Iraq have agreed European Union on cooperation in 12 sectors vital will come into force if the signing strategy between the two sides next Friday. He said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however, Abawi importance of this agreement which will include economic and trade fields, in addition to the investment sector and programs of cooperation between Iraq and the countries of the European Union, especially in the field of energy and capacity building.

He Abbawi that bilateral negotiations between Iraq and the European Union that lasted more than four years in which Iraqi ministries was not easy because it required the approval of the parliaments of European countries, pointing out that he will be signed this Convention on 11 this month (Friday) in Brussels by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hoshyar Zebari, the Foreign Affairs is responsible in the European Union, Catherine Ashton.

He also noted in a press statement to the benefit of the Iraqi economy from the joint cooperation agreement with the European Union, which include a memorandum of understanding on oil and gas, and contributes to the agreement in light of the decision of the European Investment Bank approval to invest in Iraq to encourage European investment partnerships to enter Iraq .