Barzani: previous dictatorial regime hit Kurd's no wonder that history will repeat itself and will not fear the F16 aircraft

"Iraq's Gate" Erbil - The Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani said there was no threat to the unity of the country's only dictatorship.

Barzani said in a speech at the first conference of the Arab Gathering in support of the Kurdish issue, which was held in Arbil on Friday, "The conference takes place in conditions of very sensitive in Iraq and the Middle East is no wonder that history will repeat itself in 1966 in this day to launch the dictatorial regime attacked a fierce Kurds use it all his weapons, his unbeaten militants from the Arabs and the Kurds and killed many of the victims were militants of the Communist Party in the basin of Rawanduz, "adding that" despite the great potential of the dictatorial regime activists won. "

"We hear the voices of the day you want to go up to prove her patriotism or Arabism by attacking Kurdistan and show them the hostility of the Kurdish people."

He told the audience "You are today Taatsdon of fierce attack and it seems that the tragedy of the Kurdish people is understandable to the Arab people now we are looking for 188 thousand Kurd burial of the former regime in the desert of the south."

"The Parliament of Kurdistan chose to live in Iraq, but democratic, pluralistic Iraq Union and our strategy is clear and will not turn away her face the revenge that we prefer the language of tolerance and dialogue on the language of arms and threat."

And "we will not be afraid of F16 aircraft because we did not Nkhc aircraft mega previously, but we fear that it will return that culture and language of planes and tanks and liquefaction of Iraqi blood work with all our brothers to promote Arab, Kurdish, Turkmen and Assyrian."

He stressed that "the Kurds will not accept to live under a dictatorial regime at all costs and that the right to self-determination is a legitimate right and call of others, but Amoa us this right."