Parliamentary Finance: Deposit Insurance Act did not prescribe for this reason

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Number of Views: 352 13:58 2016/10/13

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press

Said a member of the parliamentary finance committee, Jabbar al-Abadi, said Thursday that the proposal Deposit Insurance Act is not prescribed in the House of Representatives, because the government went to the issuance of a special system, it supported the central

Ebadi said in a statement for "tomorrow's Press," "The draft Deposit Insurance Act was proposed within the budget of 2015, the Parliament was in the process of legislation, but ".the government and central bank agreed on issuing special as a system and not as a law
Among al-Abadi, he said that "the Council of Ministers issued a system has been applied to banks, supported the Central Bank"
, noting that "the private system can adopt new styles for his money deposited in the banks re-percentage of its assets in the event of loss of the
".banks and bankrupt