Aldkhili Announces near the opening of an oil company Thi

2016/10/13 16:18

{Qar: Euphrates News}

Deputy Governor Dhi aldkhili just about accomplish {95%} from construction and maintenance of Qar oil company building, emphasizing the proximity to open over the next few days.

Aldkhili said in a statement received {Euphrates news} "copy completion ratios for Thi oil company building reached its final stages and that the company works for the building became an organ by {95%}, indicating that the next few days will see advertising of formally opening date once the few remaining construction.

Aldkhili stressed the importance of following up the company continuously in order to complete the create image that befits the name Dhi.

The Deputy Governor called on all authorities in Baghdad and Dhi Qar to cooperate with the company and give a helping hand and imputing given the strategic importance posed by opening an oil company Qar Province's economy and Iraq in General.

Iraqi newspaper was published in the numbered Edition facts {4417} 26/9/2016, containing Thi oil company, which company had been recorded in the ministries of Commerce and planning, assuring near opened officially.