The international coalition providing Iraq with defensive system to counter aircraft "ISIS"

Thu, 13 Oct 2016 10:49:42

Spokesman of the international anti-terrorist coalition organizing "ISIS" Colonel John Dorian, Thursday, to provide the US Administration to Iraqi forces defensive system to counter the drone spy planes by regulation.

The spokesman told reporters today that "the defense system drawn Defender sophisticated and capable of discovering and knowing the track and pounding drones used by ISIS against Iraqi forces and the international coalition."

Dorian contended that "using ISIS drone spy planes to spy against coalition forces is standard and it is not new and already regulated using different types of these planes," Noting that it "type of small trade size and available in markets and pose a threat to coalition forces," ontologically.

Dorian drew that "12 Iraqi military brigade currently in Mosul takes the Center Nineveh prelude to edit them from the control of ISIS", "the Iraqi Government established South 20 refugee camps for use in sheltering displaced civilians from the connector at the start of the battle of Mosul."

Two French Special Forces soldiers were wounded in early October when the current drone of organizing "ISIS" landed on the ground near the city of Erbil Iraq.