Urgent Office Abadi described [where] the Federal Court decision re Vice President

2016/10/13 11:31

[In particular]

Response from the Office of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the decision of the Federal Supreme Court, the invalidity of abolishing Vice President under decisions covered by paper government reforms.

Bureau spokesman Saad Al-Hadithi of each agency Iraq [where], "we are trying to deal with this subject as does little damage in the Iraqi Government's efforts to reduce the budget deficit and public spending which is part of the current Government policy in the period ahead to face financial burdens in other aspects.

He stressed that "the primary purpose of repairs and part of it is to reduce public spending and public expenditure rationalization of State under the country's financial crisis and deal with SAG and improve government performance and legalize the privileges of senior officials and employees in the State and equity in the distribution of income among staff in the career ladder and between officials and special grades present in the offices of the Deputy President and the lower level themselves and this was the fundamental objective to abolish the positions."

He added that "these proposals won cabinet endorsement and the House together, and this was part of a comprehensive strategy and financial reform to the Government there were ministries of mergers and restructuring of enterprises ltrshik expenses under severe financial crisis and terrorist challenges requires that efforts to provide the financial requirements of the war on terror, but it looks like it's heading in another direction."

Hadithi recalled, that "the Constitution gave the Court exclusive jurisdiction in relation to its hyperbolic and valid and all authorities must abide by its decisions.

The Federal Supreme Court issued its ruling Monday, the Prime Minister Haider Abadi cancel Vice President, which means the return of the three Vice Presidents and head of State of law Coalition Nuri al-Maliki, head of a coalition uniting repairable Osama Najafi, head of the national reconciliation party, Iyad Allawi.

She explained in a statement that "the decision to cancel the Vice President referred to in articles 69 and 75 of the Constitution is an amendment to the Constitution by the Constitution to modify the route provided for in article 142, which requires a decision by the House of representatives and the Iraqi people's referendum amendment."

It showed that "the decision came upon the claim by Osama Najafi unconstitutionality sidestepped unconstitutionality re or not to re Vice President Iyad Allawi and Nouri al-Maliki and Iraq."
And, Sadr leader Moqtada Sadr slammed the decision and called for the Elimination of popular demonstrations "surge" next Tuesday to protest.

The paper by reforms Prime Minister Haider Abadi, in August 2015 included abolition of Vice President and Prime Minister, and the comprehensive and immediate reduction in setting up protections for all State officials, including Ministers, deputies and three presidencies and special grades directors and Governors and members of the provincial councils and their grades.