Kuwaiti company starts production of oil from a well distinguishes 2 in Basra.

2016/10/13 11:00

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} company {Kuwait Kuwait energy}, started production from a well distinguishes 2 patch 9 located in Basra, South Iraq.

Private oil company said in a statement, obtained by an agency {news Euphrates}, to dig a well distinguishes 2 started in third from last January, "production has stabilized at an average daily rate of 5600 barrels."

Said Sara Akbar, ceo of Kuwait energy statement "this achievement demonstrates experience and skill and ability of Kuwait energy to implement these projects efficiently and successfully, and had strong ties with the Iraqi oil Ministry and SOC credit for this achievement."

Kuwait energy company owns a share of the revenue 60 percent is also working in Player 9 while possessing Dragon oil rose 30 percent and the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation owns 10 percent.

And Kuwait energy, is an independent company active in the oil and gas sector and operates in oil and gas exploration and production with their assessment and developed VCD converged 10 drill exploratory and developmental assets in both Egypt and Iraq and Yemen and Oman company also operates seven of these assets.

31 December 2015 confirmed and probable reserves in the company's workforce quotas 818 million barrels of oil equivalent, daily production rate of labour quotas 23 000, 942 barrels of oil equivalent per day in the second quarter of the year 2016.