Washington: the presence of Turkish troops in Iraq should be in the study of the two governments
10:00 (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
Washington announced on Wednesday its support for the position of Baghdad and the Turkish military presence in northern Iraq, noting that the base Alouchaa Ba'shiqah requires that you be in the study of the two governments.
Said US State Department spokesman John Kirby , said in a statement I followed / balances News /, said that "*all foreign forces in Iraq should be there after the approval of the country's government and provided coordination with and under the umbrella of the alliance* (International against terrorism)."
Kirby added that Iraq's neighbors to respect its sovereignty and territorial integrity ," noting that "the United States expressed support for that position again ."
He stressed that deployed in Iraq by Turkish forces do not fall within the international coalition ," adding that "the situation in the base Ba'shiqah must be in the study of the governments of Iraq and Turkey."
He said Kirby, "it is necessary to resolve this issue as soon as possible ," calling on both Ankara and Baghdad to focus on the fight against the common enemy , which is represented by the organization Daesh."
He confirmed the State Department spokesman, said all parties to coordinate closely over the coming days and weeks, to ensure the unity of efforts to defeat Daesh and achieve lasting security for the Iraqi people .anthy