Pool (supporters of the change) calling for the convening of the meeting at the National Stadium in the presence of an audience of people Iraqis
01/05/2012 10:28:16

l political blocs in the court of the People Baghdad International On sunny during the afternoon, and the presence of the Iraqi people to be a witness to what will turn it. The Secretary-General of the Community Mohammed Mandarin in a statement received by the independent press (Iba) a copy of it: that The meeting was held Aloutnephoudor the Iraqi people will give the character of the public to the meeting, and put away any agreements held behind the scenes and behind closed doors. He added, also held in the heat of summer sun that Aathmlha any politician would make the political class feel the suffering of the Iraqi citizen, who tasted the horrors of the air temperature due to the interruption power and the failure of all governments since 2003 to the present day to address the problem of electricity. and between: the sense of leaders and members of the political blocs suffering citizens will make them lose their a lot of personal gain for the citizens poor, especially since all the Iraqi officials live in luxury and complete comfort, as if they in a valley and the citizen goes in another. He pointed out, the selection of the land court the people of holding a national meeting will have important symbolic, because it is theater Champions Iraqi team, which consists of 11 players only managed to unite the Iraqis from Zakho to Basra after he returned from the cycle of the Asian carrying the Cup victory, and hopes to learn politicians of these heroes how unite Iraqis toward a single goal. called Mandarin leaders and members of the political blocs to: stay away from manipulating the feelings of the Iraqis, because the Iraqis today have become vigilant fully and know what is happening and to serve Iraq and working to the contrary. He : We had hoped that the Convention contains Arbil and previous agreements in one of its clauses concerted political blocs in order to address the electricity, but we unfortunately have not seen it in the Convention on Erbil and agreements that preceded it and which will be followed. He expressed regret that all interviews politicians and their meetings and visits exchanged and banquets that lodged and expenses disbursed by the exorbitant could have been spent on addressing the problem of electricity or street paving or building housing the role of the poor instead of living in shacks of iron sheet (Ginkgo) under the summer heat and winter cold. (end)