Arab Parliament, calling on Turkey to withdraw Qoadthamn Iraqi territory
{Baghdad} Euphrates News confirmed a member of the Arab Parliament in the Bloc citizen Ahlam al-Husseini, on Tuesday, to demand that the Arab parliament, the Turkish government to withdraw its military forces in the Iraqi Almtoglp depth and respect for the sovereignty, independence and unity of Iraq.
Husseini said in a statement, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, " The Arab Parliament issued a statement today which said the Iraq's right to use all ways and means to pay for those forces on the rapid withdrawal."
She added , "As the Arab Parliament called on Turkey to take into account relations Hassan Jawarwalaltazam international laws and norms. "
the House voted during its meeting last Tuesday, the decision to reject the Turkish parliament 's decision to extend the stay of the Turkish forces into Iraqi territory, with confirmation of the House of Representatives by refusing incursion of Turkish forces and the Iraqi land, and rejected the presence of any other forces.
She called the Authority of the political alliance National, at its meeting last Wednesday under the chairmanship of the alliance , Mr. Ammar al - Hakim, the Union government needed to deter the Turkish intervention in Alarac.anthy procedures