But the Iraqi South oil company processed cement cement for oil well class B


Iraqi Cement State company has set oil well cement to SOC under contract in favor of the latter.

The company said in a statement, the civil engineer Nasser Idris received a copy news economy company managed by its cadres accumulated experience in cement production Babel cement plant for oil wells category B which is one of the atypical cement products and global specifications conforming to all the tests and the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute specification (API) adopted internationally.

According to the test results showed increased compression force ratio for class B Umar (8 hours) for a specification required (300%) And age (24) hours (30%).

Civil confirmed that Iraqi Cement always strives to meet the needs of State ministries and construction companies and citizens from all kinds of cement in high quality specifications and prices not exceeding 90 000 per tonne.

The Iraqi Cement State company has (18) Lab throughout Iraq producing all kinds of typical normal cement cement, refractory cement, white cement is currently suspended because of vandalism that struck the plant as a result of the war with terror and ISIS entity company is trying to produce and provide the rest of the cement products module engineering cadres and cumulative experience and most recently producing special cement oil wells.