Economy news posted a nominal salary to employees of the internal security forces


Got news of economy on a copy of the payroll par lmtensbi internal security forces, the draft law reads the salaries of officers and employees of the internal security forces:

Presidential Council
Based on the provisions of paragraph (I) of article (61) and item (iii) of article (73) of the Constitution as approved by the House of representatives and approved by the Presidency Council issued this law:

Article (1)

Be the nominal salaries for officers and employees of the internal security forces in accordance with the following tables:
First.-Payroll officers

1. General-(1.75 million) million and one hundred and seventy five thousand dinars
2. Dean-(1380000) million and eighty-three thousand dinars
3-col-(920000) 920, 000 dinars
4. lt-(865000) eight hundred and sixty five thousand dinars
5. major-(795000) seven hundred and ninety-five thousand dinars
6. Captain-(777000) seven hundred and seventy-seven thousand dinars
7. lt-(765000) seven hundred and sixty five thousand dinars
8-Lieutenant (633000) six hundred and thirty-three thousand dinars

II. associate payroll

1/1-(690000) six hundred and ninety thousand dinars
2. the Commissioner/d 2-75 (670000) 600 000
3./3-d (650000) six hundred and fifty thousand dinars.
4. the Commissioner/d 4-31 (630000) 600 000
5/5-(610000) six hundred and ten thousand dinars.
6. Commissioner/d 6-99 (590000) 500 000
7. the Commissioner/d 7-(570 000) five hundred and seventy thousand dinars
8. Commissioner/d 8-five hundred and fifty (550 000) 000
9-t-(537000) five hundred and thirty-seven thousand dinars
10. Arif-(504000) five hundred and four thousand dinars
11. n-(474000) four hundred and seventy-four thousand dinars
12. the first COP (458000) four hundred and fifty-eight thousand dinars
13. COP-(455000) four hundred and fifty-five thousand dinars

Article (2)
First annual allowance granted to officer or affiliated with ISF when you complete one year in actual job service on the recommendation of the President.

II. If the officer cannot be upgraded or affiliated with the internal security forces following the annual allowance is granted rank and salary ceiling for his arrival may continue to grant annual allowance the following level of rank according to law.

III. the officers continue to rank annual salary payment up to the next grade level.

Article (3)

I include the officers and employees of the ISF allocations provided by the law of the State and public sector salaries (22) of 2008.
II. monthly livelihood allowance allocations Exchange continues to officers and employees of the internal security forces (210000) two hundred and ten thousand dinars.
III. family allowances shall be exempt from income tax and risk allocation of officers and employees of the internal security forces.

Article (4)
Cabinet adjustments to salaries and allowances provided for in articles (1) and (3) of this law whenever necessary.

Article (5)
Doesn't work with any text inconsistent with the provisions of this law.

Article (6)
The Minister of the Interior issued instructions to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of this law.

Article (7)
This Act is implemented from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

And the parliamentary security and Defence Committee, on Wednesday, bringing the payroll between internal security forces and employees of the Department of Defense.

It is said that the security and Defence Committee in the House of representatives Monday, discussed the peace of your internal security forces personnel salaries in a meeting held at the headquarters of the Commission led by Deputy Hassan Al-Sunaid Chairman and attend a number of Committee members, the Committee confirmed that it is working hard for the adoption of the law on salaries of employees of the ISF to fairness and improved her live