Maysan gas plant project

2016/10/11 11:31

Ministry of construction and housing, was completed Tuesday, Maysan gas plant project by Al FAO general engineering of the Ministry.

Ministry's information centre said in a statement all Iraq [where] copy of it today, "the Ministry's engineering staffs accomplish gas plant project Meyssan on behalf of the Ministry of oil and consists of 11 buildings and workshops with a total area of 715 m 2 3 sheds about 1250 mē and create outdoor fire water capacity 900 M3, implementation of automatic packing line platform as well as the establishment of the bases and rules of liquid gas tank capacity of 166 m 3 number 3".

The work also included creating a wall surrounds the site in total length reaches 400 m and 5 m height and floor molding and front yards and roads leading to the plant, and create mechanical project are air conditioning and erection crane bridge as well as electrical work and project cost 2.5 billion Iraqi dinars.

The Ministry is implementing three other plants in the provinces of Karbala and Muthanna and Najaf.