Investment in human resources to achieve a quantum leap in the national economy

11/10/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Farah pumice
Represents investment in the human capital of the elements of a solid economy, which is transformed into productive forces to serve the country and increase the gross domestic product. The Iraq experience in this area through the launch of strategic vocational and technical training and education for the period 2014 - 2023 (TVET) embodying map new and ambitious path to the education sector and the labor market amid this image of Iraq participated in an international conference held in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur under the slogan for a bright future the country 's "skill" workers, recommended that the rehabilitation of unskilled labor and turn them into skilled through the creation of a quantum leap in the field of vocational and technical education and the creation of a young energies integrated into the labor market within the public and private sectors, and the presence of many heads of state.

Attract young energies vice president of Businessmen Union Iraqi spokesman Antoine spoke of the "morning" on the conference , which included several workshops on ways to attract young energies to turn them into employment labor market skilled.

He said Antoine , who represented businessmen Union at the conference that the population increase in any developing country is a ticking time bomb and a strong consumer unproductive a burden on the country, either in the case transferred to a skilled trained in institutes and universities will turn into productive forces to serve the country and increase the gross domestic product for the advancement of Iraq to be the backbone of the production of the future which is called to invest capital and human.

Building founders integrated as He stressed that this process requires special attention and follow - up circular to the provinces as well as the construction of the founders of an integrated, the main pillar of which is a body of vocational education and training, stressing the need to speed up the implementation of the strategy of training and technical and vocational education (TVET) which was completed and approved by the Council of Ministers and the need to the actual application on the ground.

He believed that the mechanism to be followed are a lot of technical schools and technical institutes and the emphasis on vocational education and training as well as the important role of the media in disseminating this culture, noting that the purpose of this process to meet the needs of working - level government and private sector market and create a strong process technical work in these sectors, especially that nearly 450 thousand of young energies annually descend to the labor market , including 150,000 graduates of universities and institutes, so it has to be the creation of the work of these energies annually to reduce the phenomenon of unemployment.

Intension GDP also urges Antoine on the importance of developing and supporting the sector private and to allow him to take a leading position in alleviating the burden on the state and limbering of organs, by attracting universities and institutes outputs to create job opportunities for them, increasing the ability to output, it leads to growing GDP doubly in the construction and reconstruction operations, as can be achieved Get a jump by industrial sectors productivity, agricultural, tourism, and trade.

The needs of the labor market has been the government program for the part of education it gave great, especially technical and vocational and cognitive education important to meet the needs of the labor market, as the base engine to improve the community, and ensured the completion of the project the social security Act to include All workers and people with trades and professions to social security in order to achieve stability in the labor market of the private sector.

The absence of natural resources on the other hand , said economist d. Kamal Al- Basri in an earlier statement to the "morning" that a number of countries able to achieve economic development in the absence of economic and natural resources, by investing in human capital, stressing the need to follow this approach in the country especially in light phase , which is currently going through.

And launched strategic training vocational and technical education for the period 2014 - 2023 (TVET) sponsored by Prime Minister Dr. Haider al - Abadi early last year, where the map embodies a new and ambitious path to the education sector and vocational and technical training, aiming to make a quantum leap and directed towards the labor market needs of the future.