Kirkuk is heading to invest in agricultural, industrial and tourist areas

11/10/2016 12:00 am Kirkuk/the Renaissance

Investment authority Kirkuk during last period 136 leave to implement various projects in the industrial, commercial, tourist and residential.

Director Falah al-Bazzaz told getter» morning» off to leave residential investment for several reasons including the addition of other directions and benefit from investment in productive projects and industrial and agricultural business.

He added that the Commission previously awarded 50 vacation to create compounds following implementation achieved self-sufficiency after the completion of four thousand housing units, adding to the lack of eligible lands in Kirkuk for use in housing.

Draper's noted that currently focus orientation towards agricultural and industrial investment and tourism in an attempt to alleviate the effects of the economic crisis by finding jobs and move the market and attract tourists.

The body works in collaboration with the provincial Council to form an expanded Committee includes all government departments to set up new investment plan of action dealing with projects, while communications and overtures with some circles to benefit from land owned by them in implementing strategic projects.

He continued to work currently being created the Apple of cement plant of Golan who performs global specifications and high production capacity, to the opening stage, while other projects under development approvals molasses forests on the land with an area of 1000 acres which includes the use of trees to provide herbal medicines, as well as special river development project and poultry project daquq.

The last two weeks was granted leave to an investor for the rehabilitation and development of the Shorja Stadium in the North of the city.