Check tax revenue of $ 2.4 trillion dinars in 2016
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Thread: Check tax revenue of $ 2.4 trillion dinars in 2016

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    Check tax revenue of $ 2.4 trillion dinars in 2016

    Check tax revenue of $ 2.4 trillion dinars in 2016

    10/10/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 106

    Baghdad / pro Kanani

    Finance Committee announced in the House of Representatives, yesterday, Sunday, to achieve tax imports Authority $ 2.4 trillion dinars since the beginning of 2016, and revealed that the body so close to achieving the goal of imports of three trillion dinars, while confirming that the rest of the departments and institutions have not achieved revenue planned .

    Committee Chairman Mohammed Halbusi in an interview (range Press), "The non-oil imports are installed in the budget in 2016 was estimated at nearly 12 trillion dinars, but all departments and state institutions have not achieved the planned budget only tax authority," noting that "Authority has made to date revenue of $ 2.4 trillion dinars, which is approaching its goal of three trillion dinars." Halbusi He added that "there are failures in the form of customs and failures in the collection of funds in some circles," he said. "The existence of efforts to reward hardworking achievement of imports and punish Almtlki."

    Halbusi said that "non-oil imports in the budget estimates for 2017 We have not had so far," expected to "up the budget next week to look for in the House of Representatives."

    Iraq relies on oil revenues by up to more than 90% in the financing of its budget, but there are efforts by the government to increase non-oil revenues to cover the shortfall as a result of lower oil prices and the global markets.

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