Industry: reducing the prices of cement and lime substance

Views 17 Date 10/10/2016 - 16:27

Economy News / Baghdad ...

State Company for Iraqi Cement announced that one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, on Monday, a reduction in the prices of high-quality products and factory according to local specifications and internationally accredited normal steel and cement material inflorescence meet the needs of the local market at competitive prices.

He said the media ministry director Abdul Wahid al-Shammari said in a statement "the economy News" received a copy of it today, "the Iraqi cement company has been doubling its production after the decision unfair to the Iraqi industry by the Cabinet to prevent the import of cement and lime for the purpose of opening the door to market National our products which had great suffering in the lack of supervision and quality control determine the entry of foreign products shoddy domestic similar to our markets. "

He stressed that "reducing cement prices and material inflorescence live both types and amortized in the company scattered across Iraq, especially cement Najaf and Cement Plant Babylon plant plants and cement Samawah, Karbala and plant the finest quality and standard specifications of cement, steel and ordinary foll addition to the inflorescence both types."

He Shammari to "constant pursuit between cement manufacturers of the public and private sectors and continuity in the sustainability and increase production and reduce prices of its cement and lime in order to maintain a smooth flow of product in the market and control prices," calling on "the government and the Oil Ministry to reduce fuel prices [black oil who constitute 25% of the cost of production per ton of cement for the purpose of continuing to support lower prices for citizens and government departments and construction companies in the private sector. "

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