Kurdistan Alliance: the right to reserve the use of the region 's central bank!

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Kurdistan Alliance: the right to reserve the use of the region's central bank!

It confirmed the Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the House of Representatives, the Minister of the Kurdistan region Akef Council to develop a road map to find economic solutions to the crisis was officially announced, indicating that the right of the province to use reserves of the Central Bank, but the government refuses to Zlk.oukalt

MP for the Bloc Ashwaq dry in a press statement: "the economic crisis has hit all the provinces of the region and not a single province and demonstrations Sulaymaniyah represent the suffering of the people of Kurdistan, the whole of the deterioration in the economic situation."

She added dry, that "the Minister of the territory Council Akef on a road to resolve the crisis by inviting a number of economists and map then a formal announcement, "arguing that" the province's share of central bank reserves, but the federal government still insists on not to grant the province the right to exceed slightly from its economic crisis ".

It is scheduled to visit the government of the Kurdistan region of Iraq's capital Baghdad, a technical delegation soon to discuss the outstanding financial issues between Baghdad and Erbil.

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