Reconstruction Minister looking with French and British ambassadors reconstruction of the liberated areas

2016-10-10 16:31

[In Baghdad]

Construction and Housing Minister discussed that wholesome Osei, with French Ambassador in Iraq mark parietti, British Ambassador told Baker, ways of mutual cooperation between the two countries in the field of reconstruction of infrastructure in the liberated areas of terrorist gangs of ISIS.

The Housing Ministry statement said each agency receives Iraq [where] a copy on Sunday that senior Ministry headquarters received separately, French Ambassador in Iraq, and the British Ambassador, within the framework of the joint diplomatic cooperation, stating that "discussed Iraq's need to invest in foreign companies discreet which would contribute to the reconstruction of the liberated cities gangs of ISIS, as well as the possibility of financing projects and estimate the required amounts.

And Media Center that the Ministry is working on developing professional potential through the involvement of international companies are discreet and transfer experiences of developed countries in the area of reconstruction and services to advance the physical level and reality etc MI commensurate with the requirements of the current stage of the country. "