Ports: opening a berth on the other Bank of the port of Um Qasr

2016/10/10 10:10

[In Baghdad]

Port company, opens Monday, the sidewalk on the other side of the port of Um Qasr, South of Basra.

The statement said the company received notification all Iraq [where] a copy, that "Iraqi ports will open Monday morning, a Philippine company docks that was hiring a Filipino company [ICTSI] holding a joint operation three docks within convoying stomach ports plan until 2018 to reach 83 Quay to increase absorption of energies of ports".

He added that "for the first time in the company of Iraqi ports [ICTSI] Filipino in cooperation with [Basra MAS] erected [simulator] to simulate modern methods in containers.

The length of the sidewalk reached 208 meters and width is about 35 meters with rear yards for containers with a total area of approximately 500 square meters and is equipped with two new bridges with three cranes cranes [RTL], and other transfers and handling equipment, "alluding to the" project was implemented by the cadres of the company [Basra MAS] in accordance with the common operating mechanism with [ICTSI] Philippine ".