(OP-ED)-Dawa leaders resent al-Maliki to monopolize the representation of the party in the national coalition meetings

09/10/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 1034

The past days, advanced pointing and bickering between the parties to the National Alliance. It was not so in isolation from the transmission of the presidency of the Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari to Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Supreme Islamic Council, which has sought since assuming his new responsibility to the renovation of the Shiite house of cracks suffered, and differences exacerbated inside with the rise of the protest movement mass, and breadth of the forces involved in the weekly demonstrations squares of liberation after the Sadrists to join, and the accompanying shifts in their approach and practices of the protest.

Among the most prominent disputes that continue to interact, the conditions put forward by Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr to return to the ranks of the National Alliance, and the objections encountered by the stream of Nuri al-Maliki in particular.

But this dispute quickly evolved into a dramatic move within the leadership of the Dawa Party. It is otherwise not limited to how to deal with the dispute management within the coalition, but in Mr. Maliki's insistence on unilaterally taking crucial decisions on behalf of the Dawa Party, and the abolition of the role of leadership in practice.

Despite the silence of the Dawa party and its leadership to Maliki's approach Balanfrad, throughout the period that followed the recent disqualification, it is, as it seems by those who know what is happening inside the corridors of the party leadership and found that what he is doing Maliki of political behavior and his decisions beyond the formal boundaries and powers party to put party at a crossroads has been cracking unit, and even exposed the existence of the party and the credibility of the exam difficult.

According to Informed sources within the National Alliance, and in contact with the leadership of the call, that al-Maliki made a decision "provocative" raised the ire of the class the first leader of the Dawa Party, by requiring the new head of the National Alliance lead at the nomination of the call representatives in the coalition meetings, Maliki has called already Hassan Sinead for this purpose.

But the other party which is almost an absolute majority of the leadership of his named a number of well-known and is affiliated with the al-Maliki coalition groups to attend meetings in accordance with the established percentages of representation in the light of the number of parliamentary seats, "one for every ten deputies personalities."

Sparking the ire of al-Maliki and pushed him to protest against the coalition command and his insistence that he authorized representation.

The sources confirm that there is more than a step intended to be taken Dawa leaders constitute the public a direct response to al-Maliki and his team, which seeks to dedicate a solo approach and exclusionary to lead the legitimacy of his party, which mentions full approach and policy adopted throughout his stay at the top of political power, which led to the deterioration of the political situation the economic and security in the country, and culminated in the violation of the sovereignty of Iraq and the fall of Mosul, Anbar, one-third of Iraqi territory under the control of Daesh takfiri, as well as thousands of casualties and the destruction of cities, property and squandering national wealth, and the disintegration of relations between the political forces and the components shared in the political process.

Sources close to the Dawa Party, revealed that al-Maliki began to open offices for the rule of law in the provinces, a move that paves the way for an upcoming election, noting that al-Maliki and his team are identifying the candidates standards in the lists of "call-Maliki," apart from the will of the party leadership, taking advantage of the silence and the commitment of its members to avoid the transfer of conflict to the public.

But more importantly, in this conflict, it is associated propensity Maliki clearly to weaken Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi site and questioned his ability to run the government as a prelude to dropping!

It turned out this tendency in the television interview in which al-Maliki afternoon, in one of the channels for a businessman revolve around suspicions of corruption, financial manipulation associated with the years of al-Maliki. Among other things, al-Maliki said in the meeting, "It must be me say in naming the prime minister," as well as other controversial issues confirms ambitions to reproduce the disastrous policy in Iraq has fallen into ruin and bottoms Alrthath degradation.

In the opinion of many observers of the scene of this conflict that among the aspects and methods of team-Maliki, to isolate the leaders of the offending call, Altsagaitih defamatory campaign that spread in the social networking sites, using the ugliest methods and slanders that characterized the reign of al-Maliki, standing behind them to organize and finance deputies and businessmen inflated wealth and devote their influence close to the guardians in his reign.

Followers pointed out that among the group adopted by al-Maliki, to resolve the conflict against al-Abadi and the leadership of the call, the so-called Front reform spearheaded by symbols known positions aligned and enthusiastically calculated on al-Maliki, which is hovering around the elements more than a suspicion of corruption.

Suffice it to stand in the forefront of which Hanan al-Jubouri and Mishan and Haitham al-Jubouri and Karabilah and many of those who know their careers every Iraqi Bereaved years of the rule of al-Maliki.

Remains after all this, what would lead to this movement from approaching the Spyker and delivery of Mosul and the fall of Anbar files, in addition to the deputies the family files five Maliki and roles and extensions of their activities disclosed research in what they were and what are its conditions and influence!