Parliamentary action: Amendment of the retirement law includes payment of all salaries for "private companies"

Views 33 Date 09/10/2016 - 17:27

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The Commission on Labor and Social Affairs, said that the staff of "loss-making companies problem," and stopped their salaries, would be resolved within one month, indicating that the months that have seen stopped their salaries would be calculated after adjusting the pension law.

Said committee member Zainab Alshlaneva a press statement, he said that "the staff of loss-making companies, has retired under the Uniform Code of 2014, to be included as redundant," pointing out that "the retirement body rejected their salaries because they are coming out all the controls, which states that there should be a retired largest 50 years and has more than 15 service process. "

Sahlani He added that "the Finance Committee in Parliament is currently considering to amend the retirement law has decided to take into account their interests and exchange employees' salaries," pointing out that "the next month will be amended, and entrusted the task force retirement Authority."

She said "the law as amended will include the inclusion of months that the employees' salaries stopped, ie they will take full entitlements."

Hundreds of employees' loss-making companies, "staged on Saturday, a demonstration in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, to demand their rights, and re salaries that were stopped by the retirement Exchange Commission

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