Financial negotiating with the World Bank on the challenges facing the Iraqi economy

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Economy News / Baghdad ....

The Ministry of Finance, Sunday, he discussed it with the World Bank on the challenges facing the Iraqi economy, noting that he hoped presentation of these studies and discussions on the Council of Ministers before the end of this year for approval.

The ministry said in a statement that "the economy News" received a copy of the "head of the Ministry of Finance delegation Fadhil Nabi Othman discussed during their participation in the annual meetings of the Bank and the International Monetary Fund with the head of the Middle East Department at the World Bank Farid Belhaj and experts of the World Bank working in Iraq diagnostic study of the economy Iraq prepared by the World Bank. "

The ministry added that "the talks also included the challenges facing the Iraqi economy at the current stage and ways to address them in the near and long term," pointing out that "it is hoped these studies and discussions presented to the Cabinet by the end of this year for approval."

The IMF is a specialized agency of the Bretton Woods system of the United Nations, was established under an international treaty in 1945 to work on enhancing the safety of the global economy and currently being held its annual meeting in Washington to discuss economic and financial issues facing the global economy and monetary system in the world.

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