Industry and its Union agree to adopt mechanisms and plans for the advancement of industrial reality

2016-10-09 12:31

Baghdad scales news

He met Minister of industry Mohammed Sudanese sheyaa Agency, Sunday, head of the Iraqi Federation of industries subaih Al Saadi and his Entourage to discuss ways to promote the reality of Iraqi industry.

According to a statement by the Ministry received/balance of news copy, "the Minister said during the meeting on the need to develop mechanisms and plans to develop and support the industry in Iraq through cooperation and coordination with the Iraqi industrialists and made him a partner with the Ministry in preparing الروئ and drafting laws to possess expertise and long experience in this field.

The statement added that "the Minister stressed the importance of activating the Iraqi laws relating to the protection of the product," pointing out that "industry support doesn't come through statements but needs a national will by everyone and to strict government decisions in this regard especially that Iraq possesses the competencies and business people who have accumulated experience and national will."

And the statement that "the Minister stressed the need of all State institutions to listen to industrialists and to ensure implementation of existing laws that go into maintaining the industrial sector".

For his part the President of the Federation of industries, said "full readiness to cooperate with the Ministry and harness all the potential and capacity to move national industry and raise the production capacities, improvement and diversification of domestic production