Customs opens "yellowish" and "great achievement" in its history

09/10/2016 13:33

Public body announced llkmark, the crossroads Center opened the "yellowish" dam ", (160 kilometers north of Baghdad), usually they contribute to shortening the completion of transactions from six days to just half an hour," a "most important" achievement in its history since the implementation of the law on customs tariffs.

The Commission said in a statement that "the Director-General of the public authority llkmark, Kazem al-Musawi, the crossroads Center opened today in the great dam area yellowish, Diyala, Kirkuk, with representatives from the Prime Minister's Office and the security services", noting that "yellowish checkpoint located between great Khalis dam area (15 northeast of Baqubah), work and completed the first treatment at 1:00 pm.

Promised KIA llkmark, this "achievement contributes to the alleviation of the truckers transporting various materials, after they spend five to six days to complete the transaction, while it takes only half an hour," saying that "this is the most important in the history of customs tariff structure since the implementation of the law."

He was an actor in the popular crowd of Diyala, numb, Uday (July 27, 2016), about having "big corruption" in Tehran, yellowish point on the road between Baghdad-Kirkuk controlled by influential views security leaders, while the amounts expected from point up to about 400 billion dinars not received local and federal Governments, stressed that point hire per hour $ 30 thousand dollars.