Mesopotamia: some borrower visiting government departments and evade their obligations


Rafidain Bank, said Saturday that some borrower who forgery for the purpose of obtaining advance, accused some circles "disclaimer" about borrower obligations.

The Bank said in a statement that "problems and constraints suffered by Rafidain and his staff during the credit and lending process can be addressed only by citizen cooperation with him in the implementation of and adherence to controls and restore mutual confidence between banks and citizens service for the public good."

The Bank said that "among these problems suffered by, the seekers of advances and loans made efforts to practice various types of fraud and circumventing the Bank staff was the result I refer staff to various commissions of inquiry and withhold dues and became in their files and their resume so many penalties that impede drug dealers", adding that "the second loss the Bank for such amounts which are under bad debts and offset 100% of the total risk allocator Baghdad."

He continued, that "certain circles of various endorsements provided to their employees either the borrower or the guarantor Bank recognizes the correctness thereof applicable contexts were granted loans and credits, after a period of commitment in repayment notified of these circles that all endorsements from Raekwon issued about are fraudulent and non-posted and staff entered them, so I got another loss but of another kind.

The Bank said that "certain circles after a period of payment of its debtor evade from its pledge, despite signing a contract with the lender credit and payment terms includes Bank and his circle to deduct dues paid and the Bank is the lender's commitment and his contract with all its conditions," pointing out that "these circles claim that the law is necessary to subtract 1/5 salary and begin non-compliance with payment and keep the right contractor to the debtor bank note that funds were borrowed to them are paid and the duty of citizens deposit bank returned While their request. "

And the Bank that "exposure to another problem which is that certain circles refrain from paying their employees on the grounds that the original lender sponsor left work, this is unreasonable and is collusion and cheating by some staff of the Chambers to steal the Bank."

The Bank noted that "certain circles refer employees to retire without notifying the Bank and granted clearance from their constituencies despite having a paragraph count refers to notify the Bank about any changes in employee service get either transfer or retire and not give the lender any clearance only after achieving the conditions for granting the advance", stating that "it leads to procrastination and delays in payments long after the accumulation of benefits and premiums begin late delay retiree mediate and provide Multiple requests for exemption from delay repayment of benefits accrued وتبدءا phase of routine correspondence and waste of time. "

The Ministry of finance was approved (September 18, 2016), launch staff personal advances amounting to 10 million dinars for various purposes and according to the controls and instructions.

The Rafidain put conditions for granting his predecessor 10 million dinars, among the conditions must not exceed the employee's age 50 years, and have a smart card and activated to receive compensation, you should not have previous loans or advances.