Charges for the Central Bank to manipulate the exchange rate of the dollar

2016-10-08 at 13:05

Baghdad scales news

The value of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar to reach 131 thousand dinars for every $ 100. except by observers that height as a deliberate process by traders who fight and manipulate the exchange value for profits.

Observers noted that the Central Bank opens special outlets to sell the money directly to the merchants and citizens in accordance with certified documentation of origin of goods related to strategic projects, stressing the Iraqi Treasury banks of the dollar price of 119 000 versus $ 100.

Where the accused within it, the Central Bank has nothing to do with Iraq's money wasted.

It is worth mentioning that the price of the dollar today at alservat for all (100) ($ 131000) thousand dinars. Note that purchased b (118000) for every $ 100 of Central Bank.

And illustrated by that difference in the exchange rate of 13 000 per 100 dollars sold by the Central Bank for the dealers ended