Work recorded more than 57 thousand jobseekers during the current year.

2016/10/8 13:10

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} announced the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, registering more than 57 thousand jobseekers this year.

The Ministry statement quoted received {Euphrates news}, version, operating and loan Department Director Aziz Ibrahim, saying that "the Chamber recorded 57 000 and 63 searching work for the duration of last January 2nd to 31st of August, of whom 47 thousand and 946 males, and 9 thousand and 117 females."

He added that "a number of survey teams visits to projects reached alpha, and 466 visits 266 visit to the public sector, and alpha and 200 visits to private sector".

Ibrahim noted that, "the number of visits to different opportunities projects and work sites and averaged 197 jobs including 319 opportunity in the public sector and private sector opportunity 878."

And, the number of inspection visits carried out by the service teams to 18 locations, and 626 visit, secured projects including 5 thousand and 77 projects, number of employees and total 44 new secured 785 factor. "

Okey said, "the number of visits to the Department of industrial services of 7 thousand and 685 visit and the number of licences 651 working vacation, the number of disclosures alpha, and 1692 revealed, while the number of employers who tested 554 employer."

He noted that, the number of borrowers under the programme support income-generating projects during this year, 3 000, and 118 borrowers ".