Tunisia accept visa applications from Iraqis and announce the imminent resumption of flights between the two countries

2016/10/8 13:21

[Where - Baghdad]

Tunisian ambassador to Iraq said Samir collectively, on Saturday, to accept his country for all visa applications [Visa] provided by the Iraqis, in addition to the proximity of the resumption of flights between Baghdad and Tunis.

The Committee on Foreign parliamentary relations, said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, that "Mahamat Nouri Abed Rabbo, deputy head of the Foreign Relations Committee and chairman of the Iraqi friendship met Samir collective Tunisian ambassador in Iraq, the two sides discussed the activation of the Friendship Committee in the parliamentarians brotherly as a student Abed Rabbo and facilitate the granting of visas to Tunisian territory measures. "

The statement pointed out that "the collective stressed that the Tunisian Embassy did not reject a single application to apply any Iraqi Embassy to grant a visa to Tunisia," he said, adding that "the Tunisian people feel distinctive brotherly feelings towards the Iraqi people."

He revealed the Tunisian ambassador "for the imminent resumption of flights between Baghdad and Tunis via Tunisair at an early date," pointing out that "there will be a large share of the investment companies in the next Baghdad International Fair after an absence of more than a decade."