Parliament examines the exception of its members, "abandoning nationality acquired"

07/10/2016 23:04

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Approaching parliamentary efforts, led by different blocks, display dual nationality law on the parliamentary vote, which would embarrass the three presidencies and senior officers and executives, and put them between my choice to resign or give up the citizenship gained.

And enthusiastic about the House of Representatives, who have no other nationalities, who make up the majority of members of parliament, to bring the bill to a vote after it went on reading it for the second time more than five months.

And re-host the parliament to Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the issue of officials, diplomats Mzodji sexuality to the forefront again after the return of drawers parliament because of disagreements over its provisions.

An early draft of the law, obtained by the (range), ranked 14 categories are prohibited from taking positions of sovereign in the event of their enjoyment of the nationality of non-Iraqi citizenship. But parliamentary committees has subsequently amend some paragraphs and adding them some suggestions.

States (Article I) of the Act (abandonment of nationality acquired) "all Iraqis assume political or security senior abandon any foreign nationality acquired position."

On the other hand he made it clear (Article II) positions sovereign or security high, covered by the text of the first article, most notably: House Speaker and his two deputies and members of the Council, and the President of the Republic and his deputies, and the Prime Minister and the Minister, and the Governor of the Central Bank, and the chairman and members of the Supreme Judicial Council. In addition to the ambassadors, governors and heads of provincial councils, and general managers and above in the army and internal security forces and the security forces and the intelligence service.

Determine the positions of sovereign

But a member of the deportees and displaced parliamentary, responsible for the study of law, he stressed, "and there were added to the draft proposals may exclude members of the House of Representatives."

And MP Majid Chenkali, told the (range) yesterday, "The Commission has sent earlier Federal Court to ask for interpretation of positions of the sovereign." He is pointing out that the Court returned the responsibility for determining the positions to the Committee on the Parliament.

Chenkali MP added that "the Commission has developed a list of deportees sovereign positions, most notably: the three presidencies, Chairman of the Judicial Council, ambassadors, officers until the bottom of the pile, the public prosecutor and his assistants, governors, heads of provincial councils."

And on the inclusion of members of the House to abandon its nationality acquired, he noted committee member deported to "the existence of two proposals, the first with no coverage of the House of Representatives by law, because they are directly elected by the people, and another proposal calls for the inclusion of Representatives but from the next session."

The proportion of dual nationality

According to parliamentary sources, the dual nationality in parliament make up 20 percent or slightly less.

Sources confirm (range) that "80% of the members of the House of Representatives, who do not have the nationality of a second, very excited about the adoption of the law."

And recognizes the Parliament Act (dual nationality) of the last session within tens of deferred legislation.

MP says Hassan Turan, a member of the legal committee, said that "the law was read for the first time the end of last year, and the second was in February."

Confirms Tauran, in an interview with the (range) yesterday that the dual citizenship law is part of the basket of legislation mentioned in the Constitution and the appended words (and is regulated by law), but it is not legislation.

Article (18 / IV) of the Constitution of Iraq on "Prevention of The sovereign position or a senior security any nationality is acquired Iraqi citizenship for the purpose of the statement of the sovereign and high-security positions."

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has been included Law "dual nationality" in the list of reforms announced in August 2015.

Resignation or deprivation of citizenship?

MP criticizes Majid Chenkali law included a paragraph had to give up citizenship, describing the measure as "unrealistic."

He Chenkali by saying "the world are not given permission to revocation of citizenship except in very limited cases.

France, for example, faced controversy in the deprivation of citizenship even those who accuse of terrorism."

The attention of a member of the Committee on the deportees that "officials who Ciecmlhm law will be in front of one option is to leave the position."

According to the Attorney Chenkali the law gives executives deadline of 3-4 months to bring "the decision to drop the nationality". Otherwise, they should leave their posts.

Revealed Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, hosted by the parliament session, said about half of Iraq's ambassadors hold other nationalities.

He said al-Jaafari, in his answer to a question Exhibition MP Hanan al, that "32 Iraqi ambassadors out of 66 with dual nationality."

And stipulates (Article III) of the draft law, subject to the provisions of law provides "a written undertaking to the Interior Ministry declared the lack of acquisition of another citizenship or abandonment of any nationality acquired non-Iraqi nationality, and bear the legal consequences in case of proven violation of the provisions of law."

In turn, MP Kazem al-Shammari, head of the National Bloc and member of the Legal Committee, said the "full and ready to vote the law, but it will hit the interests of several blocks and characters, if passed."

Al-Shammari said (range) "recognize the existence of difficulties encountered in the adoption and application of the law due to the inclusion of a large number of officials from its provisions, but that there is a great desire to parliamentary approval."

But the head of the National Coalition, led by Iyad Allawi, stressed that " the Parliament will press his presidency to put the law on the agenda at the earliest."

From: Wael blessing.