Balance of news/biography of Necmettin industry Ministry candidate Mohsen

2016-10-07 at 15:21

Baghdad scales news

Government sources said early Friday, Dean, Faculty of engineering in Kirkuk Najmuddin officially Enhancer to the post of Minister of industry and minerals.

The source said l/balance "Prime News Haidar Abadi was nominated Dean of engineering at Kirkuk University Najmuddin optimizer about Turkmen component to take over for the post of Minister of industry and minerals", stating that "Abadi sent to Parliament biography for Najmuddin."

The source added that "the candidate closest to deliver a bag mod is retired Major General Afzal altabkogli".

A government source had revealed early on that the Prime Minister delivered the biography of major general luai altabkogli into Parliament as a candidate for the suitcase mod.

The source stressed that the altabkogli was close to the former Vice President sentenced to death by the judiciary and close to Tariq well from his brother Amer Hashimi