Airlines announce increased numbers of her passengers and large profits in last September

2016/10/7 14:50

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} public company for Iraqi Airways increasing numbers of passengers and flights firm recently due to improved services for passengers.

Said General Manager Samer cream in a press statement received Kabbah {Euphrates news} copy of it, to the company and through the follow up of the work and the constant attention and support by the Transport Minister Kazim Cup Erythema plan included improved services reflected positively on the growing numbers of passengers and flights, this private and have positive accomplished now rival companies on the ground. "

"By supporting and guiding the Minister she managed financial profits from airlines over last September, with passenger numbers {269} and {951} traveling by {2455} trip."

He noted that "all Iraqi Airways workers translated the directives and orders of the Minister on the ground and for this we came to achieve these profits."

Kubba stressed that "Iraqi Airways were ready and willing to transfer all the visitors and from different sectors that receive our planes during the month of Muharram.

"The Minister of transport in a plan to set up committees and creation of airplanes to accommodate visitors and travelers during this holy month is the month where Muslims go to Iraq, large numbers of travelers from countries around the world to visit the Holy places".