The arrival of pieces to the outskirts of Mosul to participate in editing process


The Commander of the Nineveh edits, major general Jabouri star, a number of military units arrived to the outskirts of the city of Mosul as a prelude to free it from terrorists, noting that other section of those pieces still 20 miles from the center of the County.

Jabouri said in a statement the Buratha news agency followed the security forces and the popular crowd waiting to determine the zero hour by the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, Haidar Abadi to launch the military operation to liberate Mosul, having completed all the preparations and coordination with the International Alliance for battle.

He explained that his release the connector edit Hawija Kirkuk governorate in the South Wing of Mosul, indicating that defeating terrorism in that region will make security units moving toward the final objective and only and is free from terrorists, having become security forces appears secure for now following the liberation of sharqat in Salaheddin province justice, with security forces are currently moving toward Mosul and the western flank of the island area.
And finally, jubouri predicted the outbreak of the uprising and revolution to the people of Mosul against armed forces progresses towards ISIS edit town.

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi, last Tuesday, called on residents to cooperate with Iraqi army troops.